About Marilyn...
Marilyn Fox is uniquely qualified to capture the personalities of auto racing legend because:
  • Long time personal and professional association with yesterday's champions and today's legends.
  • Engaging personality which opens doors, even without credentials.
  • Has lived the "personal" side of motor racing, the travel, late nights in the garage, driving all night for spare parts, getting the last part together on the starting grid, uncertainty of finding sponsors, the art of worrying, the camaraderie of the racing community.
  • Today's legends recognize that Marilyn has paid her dues, thus opening doors closed to others.
  • On camera professional with a long history in films, TV, commercials, print work ----comfortable with the medium and the subject, a rare combination.
  • Uniquely qualified to present the cars and the stars with an unequalled sense of balance of the technical and the personal side.

Marilyn Fox, as an actress in the film industry, found herself on the race car circuit when one of the "jobs" she auditioned for was representing an oil company at a local race as a "race queen". Since Marilyn had always liked cars and been keenly interested in machines, this piqued her interest as to how races were technically run; lap charts, timing, race rules, types of cars, and classes of these race cars.

The "race queen" job lasted a year and by that time, Marilyn was involved with the people, the cars clubs, and the races. She married a race driver, thus living the amateur race competitions and on into the grand circuit of the professional racing career.

In the early 60's at the Riverside Times Grand Prix races Marilyn began the lasting friendships with such notables as Carroll Shelby, Mario Andretti, Roger Penske, Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme, Stirling Moss, Peter Revson, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Frank Arciero, and Jackie Stewart, just to name a few. Marilyn continued to stay in touch with her racing friends even though she was no longer married to the race driver. The people of racing that became the center and love of Marilyn's life were not only the drivers. They were the mechanics, and all who were involved in building race cars, writers, photographers, sponsoring companies, enthusiasts. Everyone involved in racing has a special bond. And no matter what other business or part of the world Marilyn was in, she stayed close to her racing 'family'.

It was during the racing years that she lived the hardships as well as the glories; that could mean finishing a race or not. There were the midnight runs to the stores to get food for the crew so they could finish an all night engine or car repair before the race the following morning. She and the crew would lend a hand to another race team in trouble, lend an ear to a friend in need; she would go the the hospital to make sure someone was going to make it. She would organize shops near the next track for 'between races' repairs, and sometimes that included going to the airport to pick up or ship parts or engines.

The circuits that Marilyn traveled were from Riverside, and Monterey in California to Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, and Canada. She handled accommodations at each place for the team.

The famous CAN-AM years of racing included some Formula 5000 series as well as a few Indy car circuits. In the years from 1975 to the present, her friends are in different areas of racing, like Brian Redman, Vintage Racing driver; Penske and Gurney, Indy Car team owners; and announcers, Sam Posey, David Hobbs, and Derek Bell.

Through this last 19 years, Marilyn has continued to actively pursue her acting career. She has also been very active with Navy affairs and board of director functions; she is married to a retired Rear Admiral, Medical Corps, U. S. Navy. Marilyn and her husband served in Italy for three years, and , of course, took advantage of the opportunity to attend the Monza Grand Prix and the Monaco Grand Prix, and to catch up with some race friends there. Marilyn made two movies in Rome and also did a local information type TV show for the military community. Her husband, who also loves cars and the people involved, is a great supporter of his active wife and helps keep her up to date with "car news".

For over 25 years Marilyn has lived as part of the racing community. She knew the 'legends' when they were just starting their careers and has maintained a close personal relationship to these historic figures. At the same time she has developed professionally as a respected 'on-camera' talent.

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